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To Our Readers: We're Closed

Matter + Form

Hi everyone, Jessica from Matter + Form here. 👋🏽 It's with a heavy and full heart that I wanted to share that we are now closed, until further notice.

It hasn't been an easy decision. This project has existed across different mediums since 2015, with the iteration you are now familiar with coming to life in 2018. 2020 has been something else: none of us could have foreseen the scenarios we are now facing together. Through it all, we've been committed to remaining independent: we've tried raising funds to continue distributing online or in print, we've invested our own resources and relied on shared passion to create original content. It would take a lot more bandwidth to make Matter + Form as profitable as it needs to be — the decision to shut down is one that comes from a place understanding and experience. It would not be possible for me to make this zine work, without sacrificing much of what made and defined us.

During our run we featured creatives from all around the world - Ajmer to Amsterdam, Chennai to Colombo. Thank you for connecting with us, and I hope we managed to present an inclusive, honest, and nuanced range of stories and voices. I hope that creators - those who we featured and those we didn't get the chance to - have felt seen, heard, connected, and inspired. Above all, I hope that the work done will be enough to inspire others to put their stories out into the world.

See you around.

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