Sickflip chooses three things that inspire him

Matter + Form

Meet Sickflip. Currently based in Mumbai, where he’s affiliated with sundown series Pineapples, Sarvesh Srivastava makes music that’s a logical extension of his need to connect with other people. He’s guided by balance and texture, by knowing when a track feels done and understanding when the music feels right. It’s his uncanny ability to combine the intimate and the expansive which leads to his knotty compositions. We spoke to him about the things that inspire his music:


The process of planning a set and creating a track is very different, but the key principle for both remains the same – to create an immersive experience, a lasting memory and to evoke an emotion. Both these activities are governed by a two-fold question I ask myself: Firstly, what do I want the listeners to feel by the end of it? Secondly, how I can create that musical journey by picking the right sounds and elements which make up the musical palette? Whether its 2-hour long set or a 4-minute long original track, the process is like preparing a meal – it’s sourcing the right ingredients, putting them together to bring forth a balanced but exciting combination.


It’s very tough to put a finger on one place that I like to perform, hang out or think. I naturally gravitate towards spaces that envelope you, to surroundings with a specific concept. Especially if there’s an element of storytelling involved. Space plays a pivotal role in how you think, behave and interact with others which in turn contributes to your experience of the time you spend there. If I really have to think about it, I love informal settings with natural elements in the mix where people are at ease and having a good time.


Rained The Whole Time (Nicolas Jaar Remix) – Shlohmo

Images by Sarvesh Srivastava.

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